Many of my coaching clients are preparing to take on a new role. They have hoops to jump through and people to prove themselves to. Other clients are already in a new role and want to make sure they are successful. Either way, they want to reThink how they tackle the challenges ahead and decide what will work in the culture & changed environment of 2023.

They find that experiencing a Time To Think Coaching approach enables them to do their freshest, newest independent thinking about whatever matters to them. It’s a very different way of coaching. It gives them the time and space they don’t have at work. Being with another human who understands how to create a strong Thinking Environment and being able to say things out loud with a promise of no interruption changes everything. It limits rumination, puts concerns into perspective and motivates action. My clients quickly find ideas and insights they didn’t know they had. Their thinking soars and so does their confidence. Often clients are very clear on the technical aspects of the job. The challenges they want to think about are the human ones. The choice is yours.

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Identify what your company and key decision-makers want to see in order to promote or value you
  • Be clear on the challenges you face going into a new role & have clear objectives
  • Identify what’s stopping you or blocking you
  • Rethink what type of leader you want to be
  • Understand different ways of leading and key issues
  • Be clear on your values, purpose and how you want to behave
  • Build relationships quickly with new stakeholders
  • Deal with conflict
  • Energise and motivate your team
  • Develop a growth & performance mindset in the team and avoid accusations of bullying
  • Build your leadership presence & gravitas
  • Avoid burn out by managing your energy & ways of working

I find the most productive way of tackling your goals is to base the coaching around real scenarios which you are dealing with around the time of each session. I normally start with a Time To Think session. Then we break for coffee and may ideas storm, look at key information and practice skills and ideas. The choice is yours. The difference is that at all points I am encouraging your own independent thinking, knowing that you know what will best work for you.

Contact me on Karen@kineticfuture in confidence, if you’d like to explore how this way of coaching could help you reThink how you step into a new role.


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