Time To Think™ Coaching 121

You can be be a leader who is more fulfilled, more effective, purposeful and healthy – whether that means maximising your own talent, igniting the potential of your team or ensuring your business thrives post Covid. 

I specialise in coaching leaders in pharma to achieve these sorts of outcomes – CEOs & technical experts across a company. My clients include Abbvie, Novartis, GSK, MSD, Vertex, Amgen, Gilead, Mars Inc & Reckitt Benckiser. Via Zoom or face to face. I work with leaders in legal and regulatory, MSLs, Medics, Scientists, Finance, Legal, Communications, Marketing and Strategic Sales.

To reach your goals, I offer a very different type of 1-2-1 coaching – Time To Think™ which really suits pharma leaders.  It creates exactly the right conditions for you to ignite your own, new thinking about whatever is important to you. You get to the heart of what matters quickly & feel truly energised after a session, ready to be your best leadership self. It creates the critical head-space leaders need right now to think through the myriad of challenges on the table. It ensures leaders thrive personally and professionally – so you can lead well.

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Access and ignite your own new thinking to move forward
  • Create head-space to think through the myriad of challenges you face today
  • Ensure you thrive so you can lead well – personally and professionally
  • Feel energised again
  • Learn how to create a Thinking Environment for others
  • Meet your goals with new innovative thinking
  • Remove the blocks to achieving what you want
  • Think with more ease and perspective
  • Have a strategic sounding board you trust
  • Build confidence and develop authentic Leadership Presence

You’ll work, in complete confidence, on whatever is useful to you. You may also want to blend your coaching with mentoring or skills development.  Let’s discuss what you want from coaching and I can give you the details of what to expect, costs and how this type of coaching works. You can explore what the different options are and we can decide how best to work together. Once we begin, clients normally start with 6 coaching sessions, of two hours each spread out over 4-6 months. On Zoom or face to face.

I qualified as a coach for business with the Association of Coaching in 2012, trained with the NeuroLeadership Institute, qualified as a Time To Think coach in 2018 and as a Thinking Partnership teacher in 2020. Prior to coaching I worked at board level in business and specialised in leadership communications. I set up KineticFuture in 2000.

Contact us if you’d like to explore how coaching could be rocket fuel for your success .

E: karenmoyse@kineticfuture.com or T: +44(0)1628 624312 

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