We are Different

We encourage leaders to think, brilliantly and independently. We achieve this by being experts in creating a Thinking Environment and through an approach to coaching called Time To Think™. It’s one-to-one coaching but not as you know it. You’ll be energised, surprise yourself, get to the heart of your challenge fast and achieve powerful results.  

You can think or brainstorm or practice or complete your work in the sessions. The choice is yours.  

We are also communications experts. The real deal. That’s why we excel in coaching leaders to be highly skilful communicators and lead the way in how to build executive presence.   

Karen Moyse, KineticFuture’s founder, was previously Deputy Chief Executive of a large global communications consultancy. Running the business, advising brands and boards at companies including GSK, Adidas, Pepsico and The UK Nuclear Privatisation.

So we have deep expertise and a belief that it is essential to create a winning communications strategy before you start to communicate. Otherwise it’s just words in the wind. We coach you to influence, engage, impact and shape situations by how you behave, your physicality, your voice, what you say, your authenticity and critically your mindset. We know what it takes to build reputations and boost careers. Critically, we understand business and what it’s like to lead and operate at board level. 90% of our work is in pharmaceuticals and biotechs.

We create bespoke programmes for groups and for individuals. We will put forward the coaching team to get the results you want. You may work with one or all of our lead team plus other experts. Our lead team are:

Karen Moyse, KineticFuture founder specialises in Time To Think Business coaching and Executive Presence. She qualified as a coach in 2012 with the AC, is a graduate of the NeuroLeadership Institute and qualified as a Time To Think coach in 2018. 

Julia Montague is an NLP Master Coach, a voice coach, former actor and wellness specialist. She teaches coaches to coach and has a particular interest in ‘clean’ language. She has worked with KineticFuture for five years.

Heather Simpkin is a theatre director who specialises in audience connection, telling the story well and the big stage. She has an MA in theatre direction from Central, one of London’s most prestigious drama schools. She still produces plays in the West End and writes scripts. Heather has worked with KineticFuture for ten years.

Julie Gardner organises all logistics for our courses including designing course materials and presentations, sending out joining instructions, booking venues and travel, and generally looking after the administration for our team. She also designed our website and sends out all our blog posts and social media updates. Outside work, Julie writes her own blog, runs a small business making lampshades and is interested in all aspects of Interior Design.

The result is a specialist business that’s been successful since 2000 with a repeat assignment rate of 100%. And a client list that spans some of the best and most exciting companies in the world.

We love our work. We create an energising environment. We believe everyone can be as good as they want to be. It just takes work. We would very much like to talk to you.

Welcome to your KineticFuture. Rocket Fuel For Your Talent

Contact us if you’d like to explore how coaching could be rocket fuel for your talent.

E: karenmoyse@kineticfuture.com or T: +44(0)1628 624312