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Leadership Presence & Communication

Many of our clients are asked to improve their leadership presence. Sometimes it’s what’s blocking them from being promoted because other senior leaders just don’t see them at a more senior level and won’t sign off.  For others, it’s about elevating their skills & presence to handle tougher meetings, new roles or to inspire teams in big presentations.  For our consultant clients, it’s often about building stronger relationships and building greater credibility & trust so they can be more integral to their client’s business.

Today, it’s important to rethink how you communicate with leadership presence & gravitas. So much has changed post pandemic. Culture and technology are radically different and shifting.   It’s tricky to get the right balance or adopt new behaviours which resonate with your teams and fellow leaders.  It’s time for a  refresh.

We have developed a successful approach to coaching leaders to build their own authentic way of communicating with presence and impact. We’ll show you global research on what other leaders expect, help you work out how to play to your strengths, adapt to your context and draw on your personal values. You’ll practice using simulations of your real work situations coached by communications and theatre specialists.  You may also want to dive in to prepare for a specific event. Each brief is unique but will likely include coaching around  audience analysis, messaging, story, physicality, voice and your mindset.  We do this 1-2-1 or on group courses face to face and on zoom.

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Communicate authentically with leadership presence & gravitas
  • Build confidence under pressure
  • Balance warmth & authority
  • Lead from your values, purpose and DEI
  • Communicate hard decisions needed to achieve results
  • Engage, inspire and listen to people
  • Be an advisor they trust and find credible
  • Deal with conflict
  • Manage under pressure
  • Be interesting, engaging and inspiring
  • Build psychological safety in your teams
  • Apply these learnings to presentations, board meetings, team meetings, Q&As and panel discussions, face to face and on video.

Contact us if you’d like to explore how coaching could be rocket fuel for your success.

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