Be a leader who is more fulfilled, more effective, purposeful and healthy – whether that means maximising your own talent, igniting the potential of your team or ensuring your business thrives. 

I specialise in coaching leaders in pharma to achieve these sorts of outcomes – CEOs & technical experts across a company. My clients include Abbvie, Novartis, GSK, MSD, Vertex, Amgen, Gilead, Mars Inc & Reckitt Benckiser. Via Zoom or face to face.

To reach your goals, I offer leaders a very different type of 1-2-1 coaching – Time To Think™ It creates exactly the right conditions for you to ignite your own, new thinking about whatever is important to you. You get to the heart of what matters quickly & feel truly energised after a session, ready to be your best leadership self. It creates the critical head-space leaders need right now to think through the myriad of challenges on the table. It ensures leaders thrive personally and professionally – so you can lead well.

Now, I also teach leaders to coach and teams to have Thinking Partnerships™ with each other, based on Time To Think principles. With these new skills, your team could do their newest thinking, best innovating, freshest problem solving just by talking to a colleague over Zoom or WhatsApp for 15 minutes. As a leader you will have greater skills to engage and energise your diverse teams. The TP approach bonds, engages and reconnects teams and empowers individuals. It dramatically improves the potency of peer to peer mentoring or peer coaching. And leaders save time because teams are more self-managing and gives more people access to coaching at a lower cost.

Finally, the Thinking Environment™ Masterclass offers your large groups a practical taster & experience of the 10 components that create great thinking, diversity and better conversations in meetings and in our personal lives. The TE sits at the heart of the Time To Think coaching and Thinking Partnerships.

Contact me on or +44 (0)7747 863475 if you’d like to explore how I can help you during these challenging times.   

Karen Moyse, Founded, KineticFuture, London, UK in 2000.  

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The chemistry, connection and confidentiality between a coach and client is even more critical than my expertise. As a person, I am energising, direct, down to earth and encouraging. So, if you think we might suit each other, let’s have a introductory conversation first.

I have 25 years experience working in health and pharmaceuticals and this where I specialise because it matters. I coach CEOs and expert leaders globally – scientists, medics, legal and regulatory, finance, communications and marketing. My client experience includes Abbvie, GSK, Novartis, MSD, Mars Inc, J & J, Vertex & Reckitt Benckiser.

I am unusual because I am a highly experienced Time To Think coach specialising in pharmaceutical leadership who also has also been board level leader herself, running a global business and I have deep expertise coaching Leadership Presence.

I qualified as a coach for business with the Association for Coaching in 2013, studied with the Neuroleadership Institute, qualified as a Time To Think coach in 2018 and as a TTT Thinking Partnership Teacher in 2020. I work with two key associates, if and when you need them.

I founded my company KineticFuture in 2000. Prior to that I was Deputy Chief Executive of H&K Strategies, a large global communications consultancy. I was also Managing Director of their Healthcare, Corporate and Crisis divisions advising blue chip companies on communications strategy.

In my spare time I’ve just started coaching NHS frontline staff probono. I also have the pleasure of judging the leadership and team categories at the Communique awards. I enjoy skiing, pilates, cooking, amdram and gardening. I am married, with two sons, two flatcoated retriever dogs and live 30 miles west of London, UK.

Karen Moyse, KineticFuture founder specialises in Time To Think Business coaching and Executive Presence. She qualified as a coach in 2013 with the AC, is a graduate of the NeuroLeadership Institute and qualified as a Time To Think coach in 2018. 

Julia Montague is an NLP Master Coach, a voice coach, former actor and wellness specialist. She teaches coaches to coach and has a particular interest in ‘clean’ language. She has worked with KineticFuture for five years as a coach and in support of our Leadership Presence briefs.

Heather Simpkin is a theatre director who specialises in audience connection, telling the story well and the big stage. She has an MA in theatre direction from Central, one of London’s most prestigious drama schools. She still produces plays in the West End and writes scripts. Heather has worked with KineticFuture for ten years.

The result is a specialist business that’s been successful since 2000 with a repeat assignment rate of 100%. And a client list that spans some of the best and most exciting companies in the world.

We love our work. We create an energising environment. We believe everyone can be as good as they want to be. It just takes work. We would very much like to talk to you.

Welcome to your KineticFuture. Rocket Fuel For Your Talent

Contact us if you’d like to explore how coaching could be rocket fuel for your talent.

E: or T: +44(0)1628 624312

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I find Karen’s coaching invaluable at this stage in my career – whether it’s enabling me to focus on the desired outcomes from the next big meeting, giving me the tools to execute a powerful presentation or allowing me space to think constructively, I’ve found it all incredibly helpful and feel that I can do … Continue reading Kirsten Palmer, Director, Regulatory Affairs & QA, AbbVie

Kirsten Palmer, Director, Regulatory Affairs & QA, AbbVie

What did I gain from the coaching experience?’ – Working with Karen allowed me to explore and understand my leadership style, strengths, weaknesses, and to better map out my ambitions for career growth. This was done in a structured way that allowed time to process and incorporate changes and to develop a clear understanding of … Continue reading John Creek, Global Technical Director Cough/Cold & North America Innovation, Bayer

John Creek, Global Technical Director Cough/Cold & North America Innovation, Bayer
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