Time To re-think. what’s your MISSION?

I coach people and organisations doing important work to achieve their goals. To thrive, to enjoy it, to learn, grow and definitely change things. And I do it in an unusual way.
I work with senior individuals and teams on a mission. Critical care doctors in the NHS, leaders & scientists in the world’s top pharma companies, trade associations fighting for better government policy, new technologies & purpose led agencies. I coach campaigners for truth & free speech, the environment, in cancer and for the responsible application of AI.

You are important. What you want to achieve is important. You are talented & have wisdom and deep expertise. You can move mountains.

But it’s essential to have the Time to Think to get there. You can access your newest, freshest, independent thinking IF you are in a cleverly designed Thinking Environment™. This is what I offer as a Time To Think™ coach, a method pioneered by Nancy Kline. It accelerates your impact, builds resilience and your ability to inspire others to come on the journey. You’ll rethink old tropes and kick blocks into touch.

So what mountains do you want to move? What change do you want to make? For yourself, for your team, for your organisation and for society? I can coach you one to one, facilitate important team discussions or provide skills coaching in leadership listening and leadership presence communications.

So much expertise and money is wasted because organisations and individuals are not accessing the talent they are paying for. Leaders don’t listen. Brilliant experts stay quiet. Different people and ideas get squashed by conformity and fear. People don’t trust or even realise they need to do their own independent thinking so they can engage with other’s thinking. What a waste!

If you’d like to ReThink , do contact me to talk about it on karen@kineticfuture.com or http://www.kineticfuture.com.

PS You can also find out more about The Thinking Environment in the 2020 book “The Promise That Changes Everything – I will not interrupt you”. This is the title of Nancy Kline’s book all about the Time To Think approach which she pioneered

Have a look at 4 areas of work as a starter for ten:

  1. Time To Think 1-2-1 Executive Coaching
  2. Step Into A New Leadership Role
  3. Leadership Presence & Gravitas Communications
  4. Listening Leaders Masterclass

Karen Moyse, Founded, KineticFuture, London, UK in 2000.  

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