Terms & Conditions

KineticFuture will not disclose any confidential information regarding you or your operations. All conversations, materials and findings will remain strictly confidential. Any materials will be returned to you at your request.

  • KineticFuture will request a project confirmation form is signed to agree the quotation and terms before any work can commence. Then a Purchase Order Number will then be requested which needs to be received before the work starts.
  • Invoices are due in advance or within 30 days of invoice.
  • Cancellation or date change terms – 75% of the cost is due if the cancellation or a date change occurs 14 days or less from the date booked plus all costs incurred to date. 100% is due if cancellation or date change occurs within 48 hours.
  • Travel, print & living expenses under £500 are billed at cost. Costs over £500 will incur a 7% handling fee or we can arrange for them to be paid directly by you.
  • Copyright of all KineticFuture training materials and electronic training materials like podcasts & videocasts remains with KineticFuture pre and post payment.
  • You acknowledge that trainers and consultants are provided by KineticFuture on the understanding that you will not during any assignment or thereafter for a period of one year offer employment directly to such consultants or solicit their services by any other company, organisation or individual with which you are connected.