“Our leaders will listen” has now made it into more company culture mission statements for 2023. For good reason. They know it’s an effective way to empower people, get them to ask what if, to believe in themselves, to enjoy their jobs, to innovate & drive change forward. 

So, what is the purpose of listening for you? Does your culture support it?  And, honestly, how good are you at it when you are always busy?

On this experiential Masterclass, we coach leaders to rethink and elevate their listening & own thinking skills to the next level.   You learn how to create an environment, a culture where your listening leads to everyone’s best independent, newest thinking and action. Your people now expect it and it meets a strong commercial imperative. You can apply the learning one to one, in meetings, with clients face to face and on zoom and in your private life.

Let’s face it, genuine listening and independent thinking seem to be a radical act. Organisations hire the best experts, the freshest, most different people in search of new solutions. But do those people get a chance to speak, be heard, reflect, explore, disagree, be truly understood? Is individual thinking really encouraged in our constant rush, cultural norms, fears or in extravert group think? What a waste.  Using this programme, you can access all the potential you have hired. 

The Listening Leaders Masterclass and how we coach is constantly evolving as new research, societal change and neuroscience has emerged. It is based on work done over the past 30 years and continues now by Nancy Kline and my Time To Think™ colleagues.  

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Provide a type of attention that ignites thinking
  • Why the promise of not interrupting changes everthing
  • Why ease speeds things up & how to create it
  • Why place, encouragement & appreciation are so powerful
  • How to encourage equality & difference  
  • How to bring feelings & psychological safety into play
  • How to offer information without disempowering
  • Offering the kind of questions which support listening and good thinking.
  • How to structure meetings for maximum impact & efficiency
  • How to overcome your own challenges to become a listening and thinking environment

On this experiential programme, you’ll work in small groups to learn how to apply these skills in a natural way at work and see how it improves your personal relationships too.  The learning comes from experiencing it for yourself as the person being listened to as well as the person listening.  

Do contact us on if you like to explore how to rethink and take your leadership listening skills to masterclass level.   


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