John Creek, Global Technical Director Cough/Cold & North America Innovation, Bayer

What did I gain from the coaching experience?’ – Working with Karen allowed me to explore and understand my leadership style, strengths, weaknesses, and to better map out my ambitions for career growth. This was done in a structured way that allowed time to process and incorporate changes and to develop a clear understanding of my brand and style of leadership over time. Beyond shaping that understanding, I also was able to build and incorporate those changes into my way of working and feel the impact of this understanding in my day to day work.

What was it like working with Karen?’ – Karen has an open and casual way of working that allows you to build comfort and trust over time and to flex with your style. She challenges you to think and find through your own process the key elements of your leadership and career ambitions. Working with Karen felt like connecting with a collaborator that gets the best out of you, not just being ‘coached’