Crappe Diem

Never ones to take ourselves too seriously, we loved this Perpetual Disappointments Diary by Nick Asbury as a great Christmas present idea.  Perfect for the super cheerful and positive!

It includes de-motivational proverbs, with personal favourites such as:

“A friend is just a stranger you haven’t fallen out with yet”

“Time is a great healer but you don’t have much of it left”

“Crappe diem”

“When the going gets tough. Tough”

It’s the complete antithesis to any positive psychology or resilience strategies you may acquire on our courses but great fun. London Metro called this “Best Diary Ever” and the Guardian said “cheerfully depressing”.

My other favourites were the personal SWOT analysis with 4 spaces for strengths and 50 for weaknesses (this is a joke!), notable deaths and negative phrases translated into four languages.

Have a fantastic Christmas. See you back here early January.

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Warm Authority – Does Jeremy Corbyn Have it or Need it?

Creative Commons stock photo sourced from Garry Knight at Flickr and cropped for use.

What is your view on Labour party chief Jeremy Corbyn’s debut at PM questions? (Showing on BBC from midday today).

And what does ‘doing well’ really mean in the context of leadership or PM Qs? Politics is a peculiar game, but there is no doubt that people do respond to ‘warm authority’ from their leaders.

Love or hate his politics, outside PM Qs, Jeremy Corbyn has demonstrated a ‘warm authority’ and authentic leadership in his own style. He is also firm on his ‘personal brand’ – let’s see how it evolves.

So what does this ‘warm authority’ physically look like for business people? It goes beyond gravitas. Here’s a useful checklist for you – useful if you are about to go into that tricky budget or board meeting. The key is to find your own personal authentic way of doing this – this is what we coach leaders to find and use for real situations they face.

  • Confident self belief and real belief in what you are talking about
  • A status level which you’ve adapted to the situation – for example, in a board meeting you need to communicate at least a level 8 or 9 out of 10, but with your team or a customer lacking confidence you might want to lower it
  • Calm, unrushed and comfortable in your own skin
  • Good eye contact, unafraid of an appropriate smile or humour
  • Resonant voice and succinct, powerful language and message
  • Talking as though you are having a conversation; not talking at people

You can develop this skill and it’s particularly useful to work on when you are under pressure or going into a new role.

Let us know what you are noticing/liking/disliking about the communications style of Jeremy Corbyn as time goes on.

Click here for a link to the BBC website on this story.

If you would like to work on your leadership communications to achieve ‘warm authority’ or to work on your language and messaging impact please do talk to us about coaching.

‘Madam Secretary’ Demos Warm Authority

‘Warm Authority’ is a dynamic combination for modern positive leadership.

Leaders who can do this are authentic, human, flexible and clearly in charge.  You may like them but you certainly wouldn’t mess with them.

My favourite example right now is in Sky Living TV show ‘Madam Secretary’.  Téa Leoni stars as Elizabeth McCord, the shrewd, determined, newly appointed Secretary of State, former CIA operative.

Watch a clip from the show, ‘not big on protocol’ here.

Male or female, it’s worth watching the show to see how she handles conflict, how she moves from calm to passion, her humour and physical presence.  Sky Living Thursday nights, 9pm in the UK.

If you would like to find your own style of warm authority, you can develop this skill on The Advanced Leadership Communications Programme. Contact us to find out more.