Ruby Wax Launches Mindfulness for the Frazzled

Ruby Wax has recently launched her new book – a fun, accessible guide to what this mindfulness ‘stuff’ is all about and the neuroscience evidence behind it. I particularly like her quote:

“If we don’t advance our more human qualities then we’re doomed evolution-wise to become cyborgs, with an imprint of an ‘Apple’ where our hearts used to be.”

Buy ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’ from Amazon here.

For more help on mindfulness in moments of stress (perhaps when you are about to give an important presentation or attend a critical meeting), here’s a link to a very practical tool.  It’s incredibly simple, only takes a moment (actually just one minute), and could help you find both the composure and the energy you need to give a great presentation.

The One-Moment Meditation (OMM) app by author Martin Boroson, says:

“OMM is based on a very simple but powerful principle: you really can make a significant change in your state of mind quickly.  Just take a minute to tune in… and bring your mind back to the moment.

You can use the OMM app to reduce stress, improve focus, or boost your productivity and health.  With its one simple exercise, which just gets better over time, you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and find a bright, calm, and clear state of mind—anytime, anywhere.  You will see how taking just a brief pause to restore your attention can help you do everything better.”

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Ruby Wax Shows Us How

Authenticity beats perfection every time when you’re presenting.

Have a look at this great presentation by comedian Ruby Wax on talking about mental health issues and your brain. There are a number of reasons this is a great presentation for me, including:

1. The talk clearly means a great deal to her as she’s suffered from depression herself.  Ask yourself how we know it genuinely matters to her?

2. She uses an excellent opener which involves the audience in an amusing and personal way.  It nails the key message and the big theme for the presentation

3. She makes a complex subject simple

4. Her white coat, homemade brain and signs were great fun and much more engaging than if she’d just used formal diagrams

5. Her pace, emphasis and vocal energy are just what you’d expect from a talented comedian and writer

Essentially, a wonderful presentation by Ruby – there are lots of ideas here you could adapt for your own presentations, give it a go!