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Amazing Humans

Amazing Humans is BBC Three’s series of profiles dedicated to inspirational individuals across the globe who are making changes in their community, big and small.  From acts of kindness and generosity to defying the odds in all shapes and forms.

Click here to go to BBC Three and choose what interests you.

These are some of our personal favourites:

  • The Falkirk student bringing joy to care home residents (image above)
  • The woman who gives free sanitary products to the homeless
  • The biker who sings to people with dementia
  • The lady who creates henna crown tattoos
  • The British doctors who turn drainpipes into prosthetic limbs

The videos are just 2-3 minutes long but beware, you may want to watch them all!

KineticFuture runs fantastic resilience courses which help your team tackle their own resilience and mental game challenges. We’ve worked successfully with sales teams to CEOs.  Our approach is evidence based, 90% practice and pragmatic.  Do give us a call if you’d like to chat through your situation.

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Recommended Reading: Black Box Thinking

‘Black Box Thinking’ is an incredibly thought provoking book by bestselling author, columnist (and former Olympic table tennis player) Matthew Syed.

In an occasionally far from easy read, he looks at the secrets of high performers and how they deal with mistakes and weaknesses.

The approach in sport of looking for marginal gains and developing a supportive, learning culture can be applied to business and life in general.

Buy the book from Amazon.

Find out more in this BBC article ‘Viewpoint: Should we all be looking for marginal gains?’

And read some reviews on the book below:

“An extraordinary, inspirational book which reveals how great performers and teams are driven by an insatiable curiosity for marginal gains, together with the intellectual courage to challenge their most cherished assumptions” (Dave Brailsford, General Manager, Team Sky)

“Creative breakthroughs always begin with multiple failures. This brilliant book shows how true invention lies in the understanding and overcoming of these failures, which we must learn to embrace” (James Dyson, Designer, Inventor & Entrepreneur)

‘Black Box Thinking’ will forever change the way you think about screwing up’ (Daniel Pink, Author)

KineticFuture runs fantastic resilience courses which help your team tackle their own resilience and mental game challenges. We’ve worked successfully with sales teams to CEOs.  Our approach is evidence based, 90% practice and pragmatic.  Do give us a call if you’d like to chat through your situation.

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Game, Set & Match

Our sports stars take their resilience training as seriously as they do their physical training. A top tennis player will tell you that their mental side delivers 70 per cent or more of their success.

Johanna Konta, Wimbledon’s rising star, says that her resilience and the ability to close matches was once a regular weakness. She says her transformation is due in part to putting in the number of hours a week of mental training that respect this 70 per cent.

Andy Murray, World no. 1 tennis player and Dylan Hartley, the 2017 England rugby captain, also talk about how mental work has helped them become leaders.

It’s the same for we business people. We need to be able to stay the course in the tough times, stay focused, have patience when it goes wrong and bounce back.  Resilience also gives us better control of our emotions, more energy and enables us to make better decisions.

So, how much time do you personally spend working on your mind-set?

Here are the quick and quirky resilience tips that have emerged from our sports stars over the past week:

  • Work out where the thoughts come from. You try to find a number of beliefs – I need to win, I don’t want to make mistakes, what happens if I lose? – and you replace those with more positive thoughts.
  • Of course you have a number of tools you can use to relax. Breathing exercises. Visualisation. You visualise a positive outcome – not winning a match but a small step like a corner where you want to serve.
  • Trigger words you can say in your head; words that keep you thinking positively – ‘keep fighting’, ‘you can do it’ ‘that point doesn’t matter’.
  • The philosophy is to focus only on things you can control. Not winning or losing control or your ranking but your effort, your attitude. You release the pressure of what you can’t control.

And if all else fails, take Konta’s advice and bake muffins! Great distraction.

KineticFuture runs fantastic resilience courses which help your team tackle their own resilience and mental game challenges. We’ve worked successfully with sales teams to CEOs.  Our approach is evidence based, 90% practice and pragmatic.  Do give us a call if you’d like to chat through your situation.

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Resilience Rocks Playlist – Summer 2017

Remember last week we asked for contributions to our Resilience Rocks Playlist? We were looking for songs that make you feel strong and ready to tackle the world.

We received lots of replies and it’s been great fun putting together a YouTube playlist, so thank you if you replied. We’re certainly feeling energised in the KineticFuture office!

It’s a real mix of music, from a funky song by Busted, to a crazy video by Mika, opera from Franco Corelli and heavy metal from Hatebreed. It takes all sorts to get you going!

Just go to our YouTube channel to play our Resilience Rocks Playlist Summer 2017.

Here’s the playlist (in order of popularity on YouTube, most played first):

1. Katy Perry – Firework
2. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling
3. Muse – Feeling Good
4. Mika – Relax, Take it Easy
5. Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean – Feels
6. The Jam – Town Called Malice
7. Rita Ora – Your Song
8. Arcade Fire – Everything Now
9. Passenger – Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea
10. Luis Fonsi ft. Justin Bieber – Despacito
11. George Ezra – Don’t Matter Now
12. Busted – On What You’re On
13. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile
14. Pond – Sweep Me Off My Feet
15. Franco Corelli – Di Quella Pira
16. Hatebreed – Live For This

Feel free to send in your suggestions if you haven’t yet, we love hearing from you!

KineticFuture specialises in coaching the communications aspects of leader development. We are lucky enough to coach CEOs to graduate trainees, engineers to creatives in some of the best companies in the world.  Call us if you have a communications challenge you’d like to brainstorm.

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Happy Reading!

We thought we’d share with you our recommended reading list from the area of positive leadership and resilience; combining neuroscience, positivity and communications skills. Let us know if you have any favourites of your own to add.

Karen ReivichThe Resilience Factor
Martin Seligman
Authentic Happiness
Shawn Achor
The Happiness Advantage
David Rock – Your Brain At Work
The How of Happiness
Nancy Kline – Time to Think
Sarah Lewis – Positive Psychology at Work
Ben Hunt-Davis – Does it Make the Boat Go Faster?
Richard Davidson – The Emotional Life of your Brain
Thinking Fast and Slow
Romilla Ready & Kate Burton – Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies

If you would like to know how to ignite people around your own purpose we can help. We coach leadership teams to be exceptional communicators. Contact us to find out more about our bespoke inspirational courses.

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Crappe Diem

Never ones to take ourselves too seriously, we loved this Perpetual Disappointments Diary by Nick Asbury as a great Christmas present idea.  Perfect for the super cheerful and positive!

It includes de-motivational proverbs, with personal favourites such as:

“A friend is just a stranger you haven’t fallen out with yet”

“Time is a great healer but you don’t have much of it left”

“Crappe diem”

“When the going gets tough. Tough”

It’s the complete antithesis to any positive psychology or resilience strategies you may acquire on our courses but great fun. London Metro called this “Best Diary Ever” and the Guardian said “cheerfully depressing”.

My other favourites were the personal SWOT analysis with 4 spaces for strengths and 50 for weaknesses (this is a joke!), notable deaths and negative phrases translated into four languages.

Have a fantastic Christmas. See you back here early January.

PS If you’ve just had your PD review and want coaching to help you hit your objectives, we may be able to help.  We can work with you on gravitas, warm authority, presentations and positive leadership strategies, one to one and in groups.  Just drop us a line if you’d like to talk. Check out our courses here.

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Today Is A Disaster Zone

I had a really rotten day at work this week. Or so I thought. A few calamities at the end of the day had made me forget the good parts. I’d forgotten yesterday entirely.

Yet when I sat down to write my WWW diary (What Went Well) I came up with a list of 25 things which had gone well; ranging from having a great brainstorm with colleagues in the morning to seeing a double rainbow on my way home. (OK the rainbow might seem cheesy but I am a real nature nut!) It put the bad stuff in perspective and made me appreciate the whole day. I was now in the mood to bounce back and take on the next challenge. And I’m sure my husband was grateful the gloom had gone.

WWW is a technique recommended by Professor Neil Frude, consultant clinical psychologist. He also suggests writing a TLFThings to Look Forward to. We see this same idea appear again and again in research. These techniques are a great way of boosting your resilience for work and home. The Science of Happiness Study also suggests that thinking about just one positive thing that happened the day before provides an additional 15% in happiness ratio.

Why not give it a go. Write a WWW each day. But to be accurate and for maximum impact, it’s best to write it every three days and also reread past pages.

KineticFuture coaches people on how to use evidence-based resilience strategies as part of our Energising Leadership course. You can use them to lead yourself and lead others more effectively. If you’d like to receive more quick tips on this subject do get in touch and we’ll send you some useful links.

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Inoculate Against Anxiety Early

The United States Army has put thousands through its Master Resilience Training Program – soldiers, family members of soldiers, and Department of the Army civilians – since 2009.

It gives people practical tools to stave off anxiety and potential mental health problems. Surely this prevention strategy is a better route to go than just waiting until people have a mental health issue and treating it.

It’s terrific that the Time To Change Campaign has just been given £20m to encourage companies to end discrimination around mental health. But surely this is ‘after the horse has bolted’.  You also need a routine ‘inoculation’ programme.

Companies can help a great deal by giving training on simple strategies that help leaders and their employees deal with stresses at work. The kind of up-beat strategies used by Olympic athletes.  We even have strong evidence demonstrating that these techniques create stronger performance, collaboration, enjoyment and engagement.

Kinetic Future’s Energising Leadership Courses show business teams what these techniques are and bring them to life by getting people to apply them to practical business problems. Our team also does pro bono work for Action For Happiness – where individuals can learn many of the skills and pay for themselves.  So this could be another route to go.

Our Kinetic clients tell us their top 3 tools from everything they learn on our courses are:

  1. Learning how to find perspective and challenging negative thoughts
  2. Finding the upside in tough situations
  3. Increasing their positive to negative ratio.

Clearly if you are ill, it’s not going to replace clinical intervention but these tools can help inoculate you against anxiety so you not just survive but thrive. And have some fun while being coached.

If you’d like to have a copy of our recommended resources list, see the evidence on what really works or find out more about our courses please do contact us in confidence or check out our Energising Leadership Courses.  You can also find Action For Happiness courses on www.actionforhappiness.org.

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#RoarTogether Tonight

It’s the opening of the Rio Paralympics tonight.

If you do nothing else today watch the amazing video attached. “We’re the Superhumans”.  It will raise your spirits, make you cry and make you determined to be all you can be.  Go for it.

You’ll tap into two of the biggest powerhouses of resilience.  Appreciation and humour.

Energise your teams by playing the video and help them to realise “Yes. I can”.

You can learn more about how to energise your teams and boost resilience on our great Energising Leadership courses

Call us and we’ll show you how.


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Songs For Positivity Playlist Part 5 – Summer 2016

We recently asked you to contribute to our Summer 2016 Positivity Playlist – a list of tracks that boost resilience and positivity. Thank you so much for all the responses – it’s been very uplifting playing all your favourite tracks in the office!

We have enough songs for two playlists so look out for the next one in a week or so. In the meantime, just go to our YouTube channel and hit play all: ‘Songs for Positivity Part 5 – Summer 2016’.

There is something for everyone and you never know, you might find a new favourite song to put you in a good mood…

Here’s a playlist for you (in order of popularity on YouTube):

  • Katy Perry – Roar
  • Ellie Goulding – Burn
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake (chosen by 3 of you!)
  • DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
  • They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul
  • Stevie Wonder – Living For the City
  • ELO – Mr Blue Sky
  • Ryan Star – Brand New Day
  • The Rolling Stones – Anybody Seen My Baby?
  • Beyond the Wizards Sleeve – Creation
  • Paul Simon – Gone At Last

Thanks again for helping; hopefully you’re feeling like the people in Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ video now!

If you’d like to find out how to create an energised organisation, collaborate better and perform at your peak, talk to us about our Energising Leaders programme.