Worst Presentation Disaster.

Every leader has presentation disasters in their careers.  The key to confidence and presenting with ease is to learn to 1) recover in the moment (the fire bell will not save you!) and 2) know how to reboot your confidence to come out brilliant for the next one.   

We coach leaders who want to be brilliant for their next presentation and also leaders who’ve been scarred by a bad experience and want to get past it.  Call us to find out how we do this 121 and with  groups. 

To make us all feel much better, I’ve captured a few of the presentation disasters that still make me smile because the people involved survived and thrived. Please do share yours too! All in confidence.

  • Steve Jobs, launching the i phone when all the technology went down (gosh I was glad I wasn’t his event team!)
  • Tony Blair being slow hand clapped by the WI conference because he tried to use it as a party political broadcast
  • The chap who threw up in the waste basket during the actual presentation (but carried on)
  • Calling the key decision-maker by the wrong name throughout the whole presentation (we still won the business by some miracle!)
  • All the slides reversing, so the team had to give the presentation back to front for an hour (they won the business)

The key to success in these situations is not to panic, stay relaxed and just talk to the audience rather relying on the technology.  It takes a confident mindset, flexibility and, dare I say it, a sense of humour to do this, but that’s what you’ll learn with us as part of your coaching. You’ll also learn how to overcome your blocks sometimes causes by bad experiences  – mindset and physical,  how to structure and tell your story with power and deliver it with oomph so you make a strong connection with your audience that delivers the outcome. Give it a try.  See www.kineticfuture to find out more

SOS I’m on Camera Tomorrow

If you’re on camera tomorrow and not happy, here’s one powerful tip that that will help you loosen up. Practice and play with it. The most important point is to remember it’s not about being perfect; it’s about being real and just having a conversation. That’s what the audience want.

Our coaching for camera course will help you find your own style, build your executive presence and work out how you can prep quickly. You’ll find your preferred style, how to tell your story effectively and learn to almost enjoy the camera. You need more than technical camera tips to be your most relaxed self. It’ll help you for Skype and for your Town Halls too. You’ll work with our film directors, voice coaches and communications specialists.

Click on the link below to find out more.

You can have strong executive presence and impact in meetings and presentations. It just takes some work and a coach who can tap into your potential. You can do it! Give us a call and we’ll coach you how. Find out more about our courses here.

Man holding flare on water's edge

SOS I’m Presenting to the board tomorrow

It’s that time of year. You’ve got that big meeting tomorrow with the board, of course you’re prepped. But if you want to really impress (or get what you want!) click on the links below for tips right now.

These meetings are career opportunities as well as a way of getting great work to fly. We lead the way in coaching executive presence. This is the SOS version! Give us a ring if you’d like to go deeper, find out more about the evidence base and the how.

Find out more about our courses here.

SOS I’ve Got to Create a Presentation Right Now!

OK, you’ve got a presentation you’ve got to pull together urgently and too little time. Click on the links below for our coaching tips to help you swing into action right now and be great.

You can have strong executive presence and impact in meetings and presentations. It just takes some work and a coach who can tap into your potential. You can do it! Give us a call and we’ll coach you and your team how. Find out more about our courses here.

Words That Weaken You

There are words that sneak into your language and undermine your leadership and executive presence. You don’t need them, and you can get rid of them fast! 

They signal to your boss, your clients or your colleagues that you are not confident, like little negative beacons. On our executive presence and presentation courses, our clients identify them, ban them from the workshop and set forfeits for each other if they sneak back in. You can play this game with yourself or a friend. Have a go. It’ll drive you nuts!  

So, find out more about our executive presence and presentation courses and find below the most common words that weaken you.

Here are our top six undermining filler words. So small yet so significant. All you need to do is to catch yourself and stop saying them – your authority and presence will rise.  



Sort of

Kind of

I’ll try


(stop apologising for being in the room!)

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