Hot Questions for your Personal Growth, man looking at plan.

Hot Questions for your Personal Growth

Now is the time of year when you get to work out your 2020 personal development plan – for work and for home. To kick off your thinking, I have two very powerful questions to help you on your way.

And if part of your plan is to have 1-2-1 executive coaching, please do ask me about Time to Think™ Coaching. It’s different, highly effective and enjoyable.

Every decision you make, every evolution, every new breakthrough idea depends on the quality of your own independent thinking. Yet, how often are we invited to think for ourselves, to the edge of our thinking?

We interrupt each other every 11 seconds. We follow the crowd. We are drowned out in meetings. We are told what to think and do. We’re not even sure we can think this well. What a waste.

Last week, I had a fantastic couple of PD days with my fellow Time To Think™ coaches and received some great coaching myself. I was invited to think, with a promise of no interruption, about two questions.

  1. What is a challenging step you want to take in your life right now that you’re not taking?

  2. What do you assume about yourself most of the time that is most stopping you from having a better life? (or for better life substitute health/relationship/promotion/activity or anything else you want to think about)

I hope this gets you thinking and building your plan.

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