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Boost Your Mojo

I woke up last week feeling a bit low with all the Covid-19 news. So I decided to launch a linked in group called Boost Your Mojo. It’s designed to get us all to share and receive great ideas that keep our resilience up and maxing our mojo. If you’d like to join, here’s a link below or just go onto Linked In and search for Boost Your mojo. Everyone welcome, so do share widely. I’ll be sharing evidence based ideas from coaching and psychology but anything goes if it helps you. I’ll also create a round up once a week of some of the key posts for those of you who’ve signed up to our Inspirations.

Decoding Bill Gates

Watch the Netflix documentary ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates’  It’s fascinating! In the episode below, Melinda Gates says

“When Bill stills himself, he can pull together ideas others can’t see”.

It also reveals that even when CEO of Microsoft, Bill took thinking weeks to innovate.  

My experience as A Time To Think™ coach is that everyone can think brilliantly and independently.  It is quite amazing to see someone’s brain in action; when we give ourselves the opportunity to think in a Thinking Environment.  Imagine what you could think, be, or do if you had some Time to Think coaching. Give me a buzz if you’d like to explore this with me.  You deserve it. 

And enjoy the series! Here’s a link to the promo video.

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Can They Lead Without You?

Can your team lead key meetings without you? They have the technical expertise but well…  ‘they are not you’. Sadly, your bosses, clients and other key stakeholders recognise that they lack the confidence, gravitas and executive presence. The impact of having to be in each meeting on on your time and your team’s development is huge.

We coach Executive Presence. It really is the missing link between merit and success. We base our KineticFuture approach on solid global research and use theatre skills, real simulations, psychology and practice to ensure each person in the group can find their own authentic way forward. Contact us if you’d like to know about our group courses and one to one coaching.

It’s highly skilful coaching work but you can help your team right now with some quick tips and hints below. It’s worth it.

Quick Tips for Executive Presence, Confidence & Gravitas.

  1. Just do it – get them leading meetings without you. They will survive and grow with a bit of guidance. It’s worth the risk.
  2. Super prepare – some of your team will back off the prep because they are scared, others will spend too much time on the wrong things. Give them guidance on what to prepare and ensure they are clear on objectives, key messages and proof points. Can they answer the tough questions succinctly? Rehearse them through it.
  3. Physicality – they can make a huge difference just by rehearsing their physicality in a room. Ask them to walk in, sit down and start to explain the topic. Coach them to sit tall, open arms on the table, make good eye contact and stop any fiddling. Then maintain it come what may. Ask them too where they plan to sit – in easy eye-line of the key decision maker will help.

SOS My Confidence is Dipping Today

If you’ve got a big day tomorrow and you need to get through, here are some fast SOS confidence tips that work. Click on the links below and survive tomorrow. No one will guess!

If you’d like to build real confidence (and let’s face it, we’d all like more) talk to me about Time To Think™ Coaching. It’s 1-2-1 coaching but not as you know it. You’ll think brilliantly and independently about the challenges that are important to you. (This is me coaching outside the office, by the canal in Paddington – one of my favourite places to work).

In the meantime, follow the tips, phone a friend and you’ll pull off that big day tomorrow.

You can have strong executive presence and impact in meetings and presentations. It just takes some work and a coach who can tap into your potential. You can do it! Give us a call and we’ll coach you how. Find out more about our courses here.

SOS I’ve Got to Create a Presentation Right Now!

OK, you’ve got a presentation you’ve got to pull together urgently and too little time. Click on the links below for our coaching tips to help you swing into action right now and be great.

You can have strong executive presence and impact in meetings and presentations. It just takes some work and a coach who can tap into your potential. You can do it! Give us a call and we’ll coach you and your team how. Find out more about our courses here.