Personal Presence Post Brexit

Your personal presence in a meeting can have a big impact.  Post Brexit it’s even more important that you know how to use your presence to influence the meeting and be the person others can respect and trust.

Emotions in business meetings are running high and the issues under discussion really matter to people.  Views are strong and not everyone is listening or thinking logically.

As a leader or as a consultant to the business you can be the person who makes a real difference to the outcome.  You can use your personal presence to underpin your counsel and create a more productive atmosphere in the room.

The first step is to assess your own personal presence.  Have a think about these self diagnosis questions and rate the elements on a scale of 1-10.  How people react to you and how other people change their own behaviour as a result will give you the best insight.

  1. Do people notice your arrival?
  2. Do they listen when you speak?
  3. Do they ask questions of you and others?
  4. Are you constantly interrupted?
  5. What is the ratio of positive to negative comments in the room?
  6. Do the more reflective people start to contribute?
  7. Does the meeting start to become more relaxed, collaborative and productive?
  8. Do individuals seek you out for further conversations later?

You can create a more powerful personal presence.  Kineticfuture coaches you to do this and shows you how to apply the skills to real situations you are dealing with.  You can attend a group course or work one to one.  You learn to amplify your own strengths, use your physicality, create a more confident mindset, learn good skills to listen as well as influence others with your point of view.  Do call or contact us to find out more.