3 people being coached on dealing with tricky conversations

Tricky Conversations

It’s not rocket science. Few of us like conflict, scepticism or negativity. We’ve coached strategic sales teams to communicate in the face of constant scepticism or even hostility around a new product. We’ve also worked with leaders to find the right words to express difficult messages. Saying no also comes up with teams wanting to focus on their priorities and communicate where they add value and where they don’t.

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Deal with your own tricky scenarios
  • Practice in coached simulations (it’s not too bad really!)
  • Use proven conversations guides
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Boost your emotional intelligence
  • Use psychological and brain science strategies
  • Talk to your customers, your board or your team with more ease

Contact us if you’d like to explore how coaching could be rocket fuel for your talent.

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