Time To Think™ Coaching

Time To Think™ Coaching creates a Thinking Environment where you have the space to think for yourself to the edge of your thinking, as far as you want to go.  It’s singular focus is for you to generate your own independent thinking (imagine that!) and to generate brand new ideas you won’t get to outside a Thinking Environment. It’s about igniting the human mind.

This is 1-2-1 coaching but not as you know it.

And this is a different way of facilitating group discussions  –  often when there are deeply polarised views.  It achieves a useful outcome quickly, perhaps for the first time.

Amazing things happen in this environment.  Brains becomes more agile. Solutions and connections appear very quickly.  Blocks melt. Creativity and innovation takes off.  Confidence grows. People want to make changes.  Relationships improve.  You get results fast.

You may want to think about a new role, your business relationships or personal circumstances. You may want to think about how to develop a new product, process or disrupt a market.  Or something completely different. It’s totally your call.

Our role as your thinking partner is both essential and totally irrelevant.  Our generative attention, non judgement and promise of no interruption have just one distinct goal – to ignite your thinking and your potential.

You’ll work, in complete confidence, on whatever is useful to you.

You may also want to blend your coaching with mentoring or skills development.  Let’s discuss and explore what the different options are and how we can work best together. From 2020 you’ll also be able to learn how to be a Thinking Partner with your colleagues.

We coach CEOs, FDs, marketeers, communications specialists, doctors and engineers. Our business background means we can tune in quickly and the depth and breadth of our coaching experience is useful.  Our purpose is to be rocket fuel for your talent and to tackle the most important  issues you face.

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Put rocket fuel behind your talent
  • Meet your goals with new innovative thinking
  • Have space to think for yourself
  • Build stronger and stronger thinking skills
  • Discuss polarising issues and make real progress
  • Discover new options and innovate
  • Remove blocks to where you want to go
  • Accelerate success
  • Build confidence and new skills
  • Think with more ease and perspective
  • Have a strategic sounding board you trust

Our team are fully qualified AC & Time To Think business coaches, some are psychologist and NLP masters too.  We’re an eclectic bunch. Two of us have led global communications consultancies and another still works as a London theatre director.  All of us are business people.

Contact us if you’d like to explore how coaching could be rocket fuel for your talent.

E: karenmoyse@kineticfuture.com or T: +44(0)1628 624312 

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