Thinking Environment Masterclass

The Thinking Environment Masterclass offers your large pharma leadership groups a practical taster & experience of the 10 components that encourage great thinking, diversity and better conversations in meetings and in our personal lives. The TE was pioneered by Nancy Kline, my own teacher, who founded Time to Think. It lies at the heart of Time To Think 1-2-1 coaching and The Thinking Partnership programme. Experts in healthcare really thrive in an atmosphere where everyone & each person’s thinking is heard and valued.

The 10 components of the Thinking Environment are: Ease, Generative attention, Equality, Encouragement, Place, Difference, Feelings, Information, Incisive Questions and Appreciation.

So, what’s your challenge?

You can discover how to:

  • Access new thinking and the talent of all of your team
  • Experts get to speak, be respected and be heard
  • Ensure contribution from all the team, not just the extroverts
  • Deliver a culture that encourages diversity and difference
  • Build courage, trust and self motivation
  • Have better conversations, meetings and events
  • Develop a new dimension to authentic leadership skills
  • Surface innovative ideas for our next ‘new normal’
  • Squashing people, new ideas, difference ends
  • Interrupting and talking over people on Zoom ends
  • Teams treat the company as their own

This can be run as a half day or a whole day session on Zoom or face to face when this becomes possible. It’s practical with easy tools you can take away and use straight away. Individuals get to practice both in break-out groups and as a whole team together. It’s energising and enjoyable. You’ll learn how to apply the components in meetings, one to ones at work and, interestingly, with your family too.

Contact us if you’d like to explore how this way of working could be rocket fuel for your success.

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