KineticFuture prides itself on the quality of the clients we work with and the exciting challenges they trust us with. We believe in clients for life. We have long term relationships and a real commitment to our clients’ growth. Here are some examples of recent projects which we hope gives you a flavour of our work.

Positive Leadership. Peak Performance Course

We have just completed a two day programme with a strategic sales leadership team. They lead in a global matrix structure.

Our brief is to help them learn and apply positive leadership strategies and an understanding of neuroscience (brain science) to their own day-to-day challenges – internally and externally.

The programme was designed to help them discover new ways to build trusted relationships with stakeholders and to develop inspiring leadership practices to engage their internal team during a time of change.

During the course they experiment with our 7 super behaviours methodology, experience a wide variety of practical exercises and try out different tools they can use back at work.

Video Coaching for CEOs & Leadership Team

We worked 1-2-1 with the CEO and five of his senior leaders to build their skills for internal and external videos.

Each person is different but a common factor is a desire to communicate in an authentic and engaging way on video and to ensure they can flex their approach for different situations.

We’re using techniques such as ‘hot seating’ – a method which enables you to ‘try out’ different styles for different situations.

We also provide planning tools to help them prepare fast when time is short.

In between sessions, we encouraged them to use our ‘Personal Development Tracker’. It develops awareness around behaviours which will get them to their goals.

Advanced Presenting, Gravitas & Personal Presence Course

This organisation is a long term client of ours.  We ran an advanced presentation course for their team from tax, communications, legal and regulatory.

They need to present formally but also sit down 1-2-1 at high level meetings with ministers.  They wanted to work on their physical presentation delivery, communications strategy and how to structure and write a presentation tailored for a specific audience.

It’s a high energy course; 90% practice with filming.

The key tools we offered the team were: the acting concept of status, typologies,  our 7 minute presentation structure, NLP Circles of Excellence for nerves and our PUCKA tool for making the story stick.

They presented short pieces throughout the day and developed a final presentation using all the learning so far.