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Just Swipe Right

This week I thought I’d share with you this inspirational, light-hearted look at milliennials – Simon Sinek’s 2 minute video with amazing animation by Jocie Juritz. It’s fun and insightful. Take a quick break and watch it here.

Simon is absolutely right – we have to:

  • Build their confidence
  • Teach them patience
  • Help them learn social skills and coping mechanisms

For more tips on how to do this, have a look at last week’s blog post ‘Millennial Magic’ or book a course with us.

If you or your team would like to learn practical approaches to ignite millennials around your purpose, do give us a ring. We develop bespoke coaching and training programmes around your own situation.

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Millennial Magic

I live with two ‘generation Y’ males – often known as the Me generation or Millennials’. They are just entering the world of work and I have to say I’m impressed. They seem to have tremendous perspective on what’s important and what’s not. They are incredibly savvy. They see the work habits of previous generations as really quite barking mad. Personally, I have a sneaking feeling they are right.

Yet we also know that many ‘gen Y’ers, born in the 80s and 90s, are still the source of huge consternation and angst in the world of work. Their slightly older managers bewail their desire to take responsibility or to do their ‘time’ before promotion and worry about how quickly they move on to other jobs.

I hate to generalise and much has been written about how to inspire them. But in my view not enough consideration is given to their lack of inner confidence (despite appearances), nor their dependence on external factors for success rather than their own internal strength.

These few tips will help you have conversations designed to develop greater genuine confidence so they can grow at work:

  • Help them create an exciting vision and personal objectives – they need to draw it or write it down
  • Talk about their strengths today
  • Be clear about their future potential
  • Anticipate a struggle with work’s realities and create a support structure
  • Provide clarity and firmness around work, behaviour and experience required for them to get their promotion
  • Provide short-term milestones they can meet easily

If you or your team would like to learn practical approaches to ignite millennials around your purpose, do give us a ring. We develop bespoke coaching and training programmes around your own situation.

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Happy Reading!

We thought we’d share with you our recommended reading list from the area of positive leadership and resilience; combining neuroscience, positivity and communications skills. Let us know if you have any favourites of your own to add.

Karen ReivichThe Resilience Factor
Martin Seligman
Authentic Happiness
Shawn Achor
The Happiness Advantage
David Rock – Your Brain At Work
The How of Happiness
Nancy Kline – Time to Think
Sarah Lewis – Positive Psychology at Work
Ben Hunt-Davis – Does it Make the Boat Go Faster?
Richard Davidson – The Emotional Life of your Brain
Thinking Fast and Slow
Romilla Ready & Kate Burton – Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies

If you would like to know how to ignite people around your own purpose we can help. We coach leadership teams to be exceptional communicators. Contact us to find out more about our bespoke inspirational courses.

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Litter Picking Fun App

This app makes it fun to pick up litter. Who would have thought it?

Jeff Kirschner’s 6 minute Ted talk scores on so many levels. It’s a great example of how to ignite people around your purpose – in his idea and in the way he communicates it.

  1. It’s a presentation about rubbish but it had me interested from the word go – fantastic idea, great data
  2. The story he tells in his presentation is personal, amusing, highly visual, surprising and edgy, with clearly presented data slides. All devices that gain your attention and keep it. His physicality oozes confidence and presence.
  3. His app is tapping in to people’s existing desire to keep doing what they love, taking artistic pictures and sharing them. And the human desire to be included in a bigger community with a real meaningful purpose. Both make it easier for them to act and boost personal happiness.

If you would like to know how to ignite people around your own purpose we can help. We coach leadership teams to be exceptional communicators. Contact us to find out more about our bespoke inspirational courses.

Watch Jeff Kirschner’s talk below.

Visit Litterati to find out more and download the app (for iPhone).

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Growing Global Executives

“Growing Global Executives: The New Competencies” is an absolute gem of a book.

It provides answers from people at the coal face to many of the challenges of communicating globally and growing a truly global team.

It’s based on research by the Center For Talent Innovation and sponsored by companies including American Express, Pearson and Intel.

It is useful for us all with specific encouraging insights for women execs. It gives sound  advice and is thoroughly inspirational as well as being a short and entertaining read. Well done Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid for writing it.

Buy “Growing Global Executives: The New Competencies” on Amazon.

KineticFuture offers leadership communications coaching globally. We show you how to ignite people around your purpose. Check out our bespoke inspirational courses.

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Get Over Yourself #3

Sometimes, it is realistic to think that the big meeting or conversation is going to be a bit of a ‘mare’ and it would be naive not to prepare. However, it always helps to go in with an open mind and a dose of optimism, whatever your past experience.

Often our fearful thinking is just plain wrong or way out of proportion. We’re making all sorts of assumptions without any evidence at all. To break the cycle and get into a positive, useful place, ask yourself these 5 ‘self coaching’ questions:

  1. What evidence do I have for this belief?
  2. What else could be happening?
  3. How could I see the situation differently? Are there opportunities or an upside?
  4. If that is the case, on a scale of 1-10 how worried should I be? But on a scale of 1-10 how am I currently reacting? (Is your reaction out of proportion?)
  5. What’s the very worst that can happen? How likely is that? What is more likely?

Have a go and see what happens.

You can build the confidence and the skills to make your communications more effective and certainly more enjoyable. Have a look at our courses to see how we coach teams to do this or get in touch to book a course today.

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Get Over Yourself #2

I bet you know how you would like to communicate at work. With confidence, credibility and connection you say. You know what it looks like. You may even have learned to fake it, but your nagging doubts still undermine your ability to be your very best you.

This week’s self coaching tip helps you ‘unstick’ your thinking about yourself and opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Find a quiet place, take your time and ask yourself these questions, make notes as you go. Don’t filter your answers; just write what comes to mind.

  1. What is your goal? E.g. “To talk to important customers with confidence”.
  2. What assumptions are you making that stop you “talking to customers with confidence”? E.g. “I’m not clever enough” (write them all down and choose one to work on). Ask yourself the question 3 times and see what else emerges.
  3. What would be your positive opposite of “I’m not clever enough”? E.g. “I’m really knowledgeable about this problem” (write it down carefully).
  4. Now reframe the question using these precise words and link it to your goal. E.g. “If you knew you were really knowledgeable about this problem what would you do to talk to important customers with confidence?” (keep writing).
  5. What could be a first next step? (write it down).

We coach leaders to change how they communicate to deliver your organisation’s purpose. Self confidence and belief is central to great two way communication. It lies at the heart of our methodology.
To find out more about our bespoke courses click here.

Have a look at the book ‘Time to Think’ by Nancy Kline for more ideas on unblocking your thinking.

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Get Over Yourself #1

I gave a ‘Ted Talk’ last week to a big food company. They were wonderful but I was nervous – because my son was going to be in the audience. Crazy I know!

Here are 3 self coaching questions which got me back on track – suggested by Andy McNab, ex SAS.

  1. What would I do if I didn’t feel this way?
  2. What would I do if I didn’t give a damn what other people thought?
  3. What would I do if it just didn’t matter?

Then just do it. Works a treat! The presentation was really enjoyable.

To boost your confidence and get out of your own way, call us. We can coach you and your team to deal with the tough parts of all communications in business. You’ll work on 3 things: mind-set, communications strategy and physicality.

Have a look at the book ‘The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success’ for more gems.

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The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success

If you are fired up to achieve your goals or even if your mojo is a bit squashed, this book is worth a look. It’s called “The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success.  How to use your inner psychopath to get the most out of life”.

Dr Kevin Dutton, psychologist from the University of Oxford has joined forces with SAS forces author Andy McNab to give you hilarious stories, a good dose of scientific backup and practical tips that really work to:

  • Stop worrying and get on with living
  • Avoid procrastination to achieve your goals
  • Become a persuasion black belt

It’s built on the premise that many professions from sportspeople to neurosurgeons need to be able to take a calm, focused approach to what they are doing. In other words being a good psychopath is an asset.  It’s useful in business and in your private life.

Buy the book on Amazon.

KineticFuture specialises in coaching the communications aspects of leader development. We are lucky enough to coach CEOs to graduate trainees, engineers to creatives in some of the best companies in the world.  Call us if you have a communications challenge you’d like to brainstorm.   You will find a way forward.

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Crappe Diem

Never ones to take ourselves too seriously, we loved this Perpetual Disappointments Diary by Nick Asbury as a great Christmas present idea.  Perfect for the super cheerful and positive!

It includes de-motivational proverbs, with personal favourites such as:

“A friend is just a stranger you haven’t fallen out with yet”

“Time is a great healer but you don’t have much of it left”

“Crappe diem”

“When the going gets tough. Tough”

It’s the complete antithesis to any positive psychology or resilience strategies you may acquire on our courses but great fun. London Metro called this “Best Diary Ever” and the Guardian said “cheerfully depressing”.

My other favourites were the personal SWOT analysis with 4 spaces for strengths and 50 for weaknesses (this is a joke!), notable deaths and negative phrases translated into four languages.

Have a fantastic Christmas. See you back here early January.

PS If you’ve just had your PD review and want coaching to help you hit your objectives, we may be able to help.  We can work with you on gravitas, warm authority, presentations and positive leadership strategies, one to one and in groups.  Just drop us a line if you’d like to talk. Check out our courses here.