We’ve successfully coached leaders to craft pitches which secured million dollar budgets.

We work with pharmaceutical teams who need the right presentation gravitas to talk to critical CCG groups, payers or medics.

Our one-to-one coaching includes an intrepid Japanese female leader working in London who needed to inspire teams via conference call in China, Germany and the USA.

But what is your specific business challenge? All our courses are bespoke – we’ll design your course around you. Here are some examples of what you could be coached on.

You discover how to:

  • Build a confident mind-set based around your own values and strengths
  • Communicate with presence and gravitas in your own style
  • Use your voice and physicality in a powerful way
  • Be heard, interject effectively and answer questions
  • Quickly analyse a situation and build a communications strategy
  • Analyse, structure and develop a 7 minute presentation outline quickly
  • Make your message and content hard to ignore and easy to remember
  • Use techniques from brain science and psychology to build trust
  • Energise others by how you adapt and flex your approach
  • Navigate the realities of being a female leader

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