We’ve coached teams going through huge change to practice being top energising leaders. We show them the hard evidence that positive leadership increases sales, productivity and innovation.

Our strategic sales team clients have used our methodology to discover how to lead themselves, boost their own resilience and create trust faster in customer meetings.

Other clients have asked us to facilitate a session purely on the positive leadership practices to help them determine how to build the values, behaviours and vision for their teams.

But what is your specific business challenge? All our courses are bespoke – we’ll design your course around you. Here are some examples of what you could be coached on.

You discover:

  • Ten key attributes of positive energisers
  • Evidence of commercial and personal impact
  • Positive to negative ratio of high performing teams and how to achieve it
  • How to use a tool kit of 32 positive practices to underpin your leadership
  • Building emotional regulation and perspective
  • Personal resilience and energy maintenance strategies
  • Dealing with negative and sceptical people
  • Communicating as adults and one tribe
  • Dealing with conflict

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