We’re coaching people to manage the rise of ‘Trumpist’ behaviour in meetings. Showing women and men practical strategies to tackle negative ‘alpha’ type behaviour.

We’ve worked with leadership teams who want to boost collaboration and trust between divisions.

We’ve coached leaders to connect to and inspire their millennials.

But what is your specific business challenge? All our courses are bespoke – we’ll design your course around you. Here are some examples of what you could be coached on.

You discover how to:

  • Walk into the room with a positive, confident mindset and physicality
  • Build your own professional presence and gravitas in the room
  • Use brain scienceĀ and positive psychology to guide the conversation content
  • Say what you need to say without damaging the relationship
  • Put history behind you and gain perspective
  • Listen actively
  • Manage bad behaviour, negativity and conflict
  • Stay relaxed and encourage the other person to have an adult conversation
  • Be resilient before, during and afterwards

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