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Can They Lead Without You?

Can your team lead key meetings without you? They have the technical expertise but well…  ‘they are not you’. Sadly, your bosses, clients and other key stakeholders recognise that they lack the confidence, gravitas and executive presence. The impact of having to be in each meeting on on your time and your team’s development is huge.

We coach Executive Presence. It really is the missing link between merit and success. We base our KineticFuture approach on solid global research and use theatre skills, real simulations, psychology and practice to ensure each person in the group can find their own authentic way forward. Contact us if you’d like to know about our group courses and one to one coaching.

It’s highly skilful coaching work but you can help your team right now with some quick tips and hints below. It’s worth it.

Quick Tips for Executive Presence, Confidence & Gravitas.

  1. Just do it – get them leading meetings without you. They will survive and grow with a bit of guidance. It’s worth the risk.
  2. Super prepare – some of your team will back off the prep because they are scared, others will spend too much time on the wrong things. Give them guidance on what to prepare and ensure they are clear on objectives, key messages and proof points. Can they answer the tough questions succinctly? Rehearse them through it.
  3. Physicality – they can make a huge difference just by rehearsing their physicality in a room. Ask them to walk in, sit down and start to explain the topic. Coach them to sit tall, open arms on the table, make good eye contact and stop any fiddling. Then maintain it come what may. Ask them too where they plan to sit – in easy eye-line of the key decision maker will help.

SOS I’m on Camera Tomorrow

If you’re on camera tomorrow and not happy, here’s one powerful tip that that will help you loosen up. Practice and play with it. The most important point is to remember it’s not about being perfect; it’s about being real and just having a conversation. That’s what the audience want.

Our coaching for camera course will help you find your own style, build your executive presence and work out how you can prep quickly. You’ll find your preferred style, how to tell your story effectively and learn to almost enjoy the camera. You need more than technical camera tips to be your most relaxed self. It’ll help you for Skype and for your Town Halls too. You’ll work with our film directors, voice coaches and communications specialists.

Click on the link below to find out more.

You can have strong executive presence and impact in meetings and presentations. It just takes some work and a coach who can tap into your potential. You can do it! Give us a call and we’ll coach you how. Find out more about our courses here.

SOS My Confidence is Dipping Today

If you’ve got a big day tomorrow and you need to get through, here are some fast SOS confidence tips that work. Click on the links below and survive tomorrow. No one will guess!

If you’d like to build real confidence (and let’s face it, we’d all like more) talk to me about Time To Think™ Coaching. It’s 1-2-1 coaching but not as you know it. You’ll think brilliantly and independently about the challenges that are important to you. (This is me coaching outside the office, by the canal in Paddington – one of my favourite places to work).

In the meantime, follow the tips, phone a friend and you’ll pull off that big day tomorrow.

You can have strong executive presence and impact in meetings and presentations. It just takes some work and a coach who can tap into your potential. You can do it! Give us a call and we’ll coach you how. Find out more about our courses here.

Why Greta has Executive Presence and Gravitas

Image sourced from Anders Hellberg on [CC BY-SA 4.0 (] and cropped for use.

How dare you take away my childhood. How dare you….  How dare you?

This was how Greta Thunberg, 16, challenged the ‘grown ups’ at yesterday’s UN climate emergency conference. It was impassioned and angry. So why am I saying she has executive presence and gravitas?

As a business coach, I work with leaders on their executive presence and gravitas. It’s the missing link between merit and success. Try the tips below and contact us if you’d like coaching to find an authentic approach to presence that works for you and your role.

Here’s the video. Greta demonstrates you don’t have to have titles or age to have executive presence and gravitas because:

  1. She has authentic conviction which comes from her integrity and her expertise in the topic.
  2. She has made an active decision to use this level of anger about the situation – she has not lost emotional control. This is part of a clear communications strategy. She knows that she has to speak truth to power now – because the level of BS is rising but there is still no practical action to get CO2 emissions down to zero by 2025.
  3. Look at her stillness. Even though her words are strong her body language is powerful. Good eye contact, open and up, she doesn’t fidget. This supports her presence.

Let’s see what happens next.

KineticFuture can coach you to be a world-class communicator and leader. Coaching 1-2-1 and in groups. Clients include Abbvie, Amgen, Gilead, GSK, Novartis, Mars, Pladis, WPP and Barclays. We have six main areas of work: Time to Think™ coachingexecutive presencepresenting and storytellingtricky conversationsresilience and communicating purpose.

Contact us today to book a course or to find out more.

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SOS I’m Presenting to the board tomorrow

It’s that time of year. You’ve got that big meeting tomorrow with the board, of course you’re prepped. But if you want to really impress (or get what you want!) click on the links below for tips right now.

These meetings are career opportunities as well as a way of getting great work to fly. We lead the way in coaching executive presence. This is the SOS version! Give us a ring if you’d like to go deeper, find out more about the evidence base and the how.

Find out more about our courses here.