Pitch for the budget

This was a pivotal moment. If the team didn’t win the five year budget from the US business board, they couldn’t continue key work around the world. They could lose credibility as a company and damage the significant progress that had been made.

KineticFuture worked with the whole team to create a communications strategy and ‘sell’ for their work. The team socialised the plan with great efficiency and we coached their leader to prepare for entry into the ‘lions den’ – crafting language and story and Q&A, working on verbal and non verbal communication in the board room.

The result?

A significant budget secured for five years and protection later during tough times for the company.

What changes could you make that will create a real difference? For you personally and for your business?

We hope this inspires you. Everyone is different.

That’s why we develop a dynamic and focussed programme carefully tuned in to your own brief and culture.

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