It’s tough presenting to senior managers

This company has a robust culture. You walk into the board with your plan and the standard first questions is “what do you want from us?”

Engineers who are trained for completeness were struggling getting to the point quickly and communicating complex ideas in an accessible way. Equally, English was not the native language for most of them and culturally many were not used to a very direct style demanded by this organisation.

We worked with the full team on their own real presentations – coaching them to analyse the board’s cultural and content needs.  It was important to create a presentation planner and structure bespoke for this  ‘robust’ organisation.  The team analysed how their engineering culture and style was different from others in the organisation and how to adapt.  Finally, we coached them to have the confidence, gravitas, voice and physicality needed for these senior presentations.

The result?

The engineers recommended that we worked with their strategic planning team colleagues to run a programme designed for just them.

What changes could you make that will create a real difference? For you personally and for your business?

We hope this inspires you. Everyone is different.

That’s why we develop a dynamic and focussed programme carefully tuned in to your own brief and culture.

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