I want to make an important decision

John wasn’t sure if he even had time for coaching.  His schedule was frantic.  He knew what he was doing. Surely he should just get on with it.  But this was a big new role and he wanted to get it right.

He’d read Nancy Kline’s Time to Think books and thought they made huge sense. He decided to have six Thinking Partnership sessions to make himself carve out time and space for important thinking. Three were face to face and three took place on Zoom due to his travel schedule.

His coach, his thinking partner, took him out of the hurly burly of the office to a quiet comfortable location round the corner. Her first question was ‘what do you want to think about? And what are your thoughts?’ He was expecting the question, so he began. When he wanted another question she asked ‘what more do you think, or feel or want to say?’   There was a long silence. His coach didn’t interrupt. He was thinking, hard.

He then spoke at length about the key issues and his ideas on how to tackle it. Her ease and attention generated further ideas. She didn’t interrupt. His thinking was on a roll. She didn’t judge, analyse or direct his thinking. She knew that he would find amazing new connections and thoughts if they stayed together in this thinking environment.

He then said he now knew how he was going to make this important decision. He was excited by the prospect and determined. He said he didn’t need to accomplish anything further in this session. He’d got what he’d come for. He smiled broadly ‘let’s save that for next time’.

They thanked each other and left.

What changes could you make that will create a real difference? For you personally and for your business?

We hope this inspires you. Everyone is different.

That’s why we develop a dynamic and focussed programme carefully tuned in to your own brief and culture.

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