Help us be confident talking about this new product

What do you do if customers are pushing back against the new product? They still like the old one and the competition is fierce.

This team wanted to build their own resilience and overcome scepticism while they got on with talking to medics and key medical stakeholders.

We developed a workshop for all of their strategic sales people, offering them different practical strategies based on evidence of what really works. It was a blend of positive psychology, neuroscience and understanding what drives and addresses negative behaviour. But nothing made it into the workshop unless you could use it on the M4 on a wet Monday morning. It had to be accessible. We ran simulations for each person so they could face the things they dreaded the most and find the words, the tone, and the physicality to build a relationship with different types of people internally and externally.

The result?

The product is now successful in the market. The people found the strategies reduced their stress and the average rating for the programme was 9/10.

What changes could you make that will create a real difference? For you personally and for your business?

We hope this inspires you. Everyone is different.

That’s why we develop a dynamic and focussed programme carefully tuned in to your own brief and culture.

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