Worst Presentation Disaster.

Every leader has presentation disasters in their careers.  The key to confidence and presenting with ease is to learn to 1) recover in the moment (the fire bell will not save you!) and 2) know how to reboot your confidence to come out brilliant for the next one.   

We coach leaders who want to be brilliant for their next presentation and also leaders who’ve been scarred by a bad experience and want to get past it.  Call us to find out how we do this 121 and with  groups. 

To make us all feel much better, I’ve captured a few of the presentation disasters that still make me smile because the people involved survived and thrived. Please do share yours too! All in confidence.

  • Steve Jobs, launching the i phone when all the technology went down (gosh I was glad I wasn’t his event team!)
  • Tony Blair being slow hand clapped by the WI conference because he tried to use it as a party political broadcast
  • The chap who threw up in the waste basket during the actual presentation (but carried on)
  • Calling the key decision-maker by the wrong name throughout the whole presentation (we still won the business by some miracle!)
  • All the slides reversing, so the team had to give the presentation back to front for an hour (they won the business)

The key to success in these situations is not to panic, stay relaxed and just talk to the audience rather relying on the technology.  It takes a confident mindset, flexibility and, dare I say it, a sense of humour to do this, but that’s what you’ll learn with us as part of your coaching. You’ll also learn how to overcome your blocks sometimes causes by bad experiences  – mindset and physical,  how to structure and tell your story with power and deliver it with oomph so you make a strong connection with your audience that delivers the outcome. Give it a try.  See www.kineticfuture to find out more