Women Leaders Mustn’t Sacrifice Authenticity

Many women leaders don’t fulfil their leadership potential, thinking they must trade their authenticity for executive presence and gravitas. Not true. In fact, you’ll only be successful if you develop your EP in your own authentic way. 

Remember what got you here, won’t necessarily get you there. Get your Executive Presence right and you’ll secure those leadership promotions, be accepted by your peers, influence senior leaders and achieve great work with your team.

As a specialist coach in EP and gravitas , my starting point is your values. The global EP research provides us with a useful framework, but you need to do it your way.  It’s the same for men. And it’s about encouraging diversity.

Below are some common mistakes which will stop you igniting your own leadership talent.

If you would like leadership or EP coaching one to one or as a team, do get in contact soon for a chat. You can apply it to your daily leadership, meetings & presentations.   Here are common EP mistakes.

  1. Not developing your own executive presence – it’s the water leaders swim in every day. Fellow leaders expect it. 
  2. Thinking this is just about ego power plays – it’s about getting great work done, solving problems and developing others
  3. Behaving like an old-style male leader – that’s a disaster, find your own path to maximise the benefits of your diversity
  4. Not realising how good you are, imposter syndrome or holding back until you are perfect (you’ll wait forever!)
  5. Expecting the world to adapt to your expectations rather than working with what is real today – you’ll need clever strategies, understanding of human dynamics (yes, politics too), resilience and the ability to read your own organisation 

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