I Lead But I’m Not The Expert

I coach many leaders of technical teams with complex topics.   If the ‘am I technical enough?’ worry is on your mind and it’s holding you back, I hope these tips help.  It’s a common concern and one that’s really worth thinking about.  Call me if you would like to talk about how leadership or communications coaching can propel your confidence and impact to the next level. 

Some people are already experts and are learning to lead and communicate well.  Others are strong leaders but lack all the technical expertise & knowledge they think they need.   With everything in between.  This ‘expert’ concern can hold back both groups from leading confidently, presenting well and ultimately impacts on results.  So how do you tackle it?  

The main point is to gain some perspective on the reality of the situation and then actively shape how you personally want to tackle the job.  Here are some tips that help you work out how.

Get Perspective & A Reality Check

What is your role today, what are the expectations from your company?

What do you offer, why are you the leader?  

What Must You Know?

  • Normally, there is technical or structural knowledge you must have to operate. However, it’s unrealistic to think you can be as expert as the ‘deep’ operational experts in your team in every area. You are the leader of the team now and that is different. 
  • Ask yourself what must you know, what do you know, where are your gaps? Does it matter?

What Next? 

  • How will you position your role so that you are not expected to be an expert in all areas? 
  • How will you fill gaps you need to fill?
  • How will you handle meetings, presentations and advising the team?  
  • Can you take a chair role, helping your expert team to shine, asking strong questions?