Does Negativity Drive You Mad?

Are some of your team consistently negative? It’s great to disagree with each other and healthy to have different points of views. I’m talking about the kind of behaviours that kill the energy in the team.

I’ve seen this from both points of view in my Time To Think™ coaching. From the people who are perceived to be negative (often wrongly) and from the leaders trying to engage and re-inspire a team. If this is something you’d like to tackle, do get in touch. There’s a great deal you can do to turn this around working 1-2-1 or we can create a bespoke group course.


  1. Be patient
  2. Show empathy and respect for the person and their point of view
  3. Remember you’re all ‘One Tribe’ – assume good intent and value
  4. Consider that they may not be negative, you are just not listening or you simply have a clash of communication styles
  5. Gently help them reframe and explore a different point of view
  6. Talk about impact of their behaviour on others – the phrase ‘when you do x, it can be perceived as…’ reduces defensiveness
  7. Give attention and reward the positive behaviours you want to see more of

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