I Think Too Much

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Do you lie awake at three in the morning with annoying work thoughts whizzing around your head?

Ironically, the solution could be making more time to think productively during the day. Call us if you’d like to be coached in a Thinking Environment. You’ll find it exciting, transformative and that it delivers results quickly.

Simple Top Tip For Today

I found an old notebook yesterday which listed my own big work dilemmas that were whizzing around my head at the time. I was amazed to realise that they didn’t bother me now. This was a direct result of being coached myself in a Thinking Environment. But here’s a simple tip to access your best thinking right now working with a trusted colleague.

-Sit down with someone you trust in private, in a place which communicates you are valuable. Set aside 20 minutes.

-Agree with your partner who is the ‘thinking partner’ and who is the ‘coach’.

-Agree that the ‘coach’ will never ever interrupt or suggest solutions and will listen intently with warmth, ease, encouragement, non-judgement, genuine curiosity and 100% confidentiality (no compromises!) This is the thinking environment.

  • Get comfortable
  • The ‘coach’ asks, “what would you like to think about and what are your thoughts?”
  • The thinker thinks, pauses, thinks, speaks or doesn’t speak. They are thinking. The ‘coach’ has the privilege of seeing the agility of the brain at work.
  • The ‘coach’ maintains the thinking environment.
  • When they’ve finished thinking, the ‘thinker’ writes down any notes and you appreciate each other.

See what happens! It could be the best thinking you have done in a very long time.

If you would like to be coached by us in a Thinking Environment we’d love to talk.

KineticFuture can coach you to be a world-class leader and communicator. Coaching 1-2-1 and in groups. Clients include Abbvie, Amgen, Gilead, GSK, Novartis, Mars, Pladis, WPP and Barclays. We have six main areas of work: Time to think coachingexecutive presencepresenting and storytellingtricky conversationsresilience and communicating purpose.