Executive Presence & Gravitas Part 1 – Vision & Values

Gravitas, according to 62% of leaders surveyed, is what signals to the world you’re made of the right stuff and can be trusted with serious responsibility. I bet you understand it.  But can you physically do it under fire in different roles and cultures?  That’s what we coach.

In this six-part series, our coaches are going to answer your questions and share some of their top coaching secrets that get results – with exercises that you can practice at home.

We hope you enjoy it. Keep emailing your questions to us!  And share the inspirations too.

Vision and Values are Your Core Stability

Q: I have the intellectual horsepower.  I can certainly go ‘six questions deep’ in my specialist subject.  But in the big senior meetings I tend to sit back and not get involved enough.  Then when I do speak, I’m not sure I’m convincing.

A: A friend of mine saw an 18-year-old girl hit by a speeding lorry just outside her house.  She decided to campaign to get the speed limit changed.  Without any previous experience, she lobbied the local council, made multiple presentations and succeeded.

Your vision and values will give you authentic presence and gravitas in the room. Just as they did for my friend.  They are your core stability together with a clear appreciation of your own strengths.  Then you can work on a host of practical other elements.  But this is what builds authenticity and supports you through the really tough stuff.


  1. Think of a situation where you are really proud of yourself. Tell a friend the story.  Your friend writes down all the strengths they hear and then replays them at the end.  Put them in a box to reflect upon
  2. Make a list of all your core values. Then start to cross the values off your list until you get to 3 which become your ‘red line’ areas.  This is hard!
  3. Ask yourself what your purpose is at work, what is important to you, what drives you.

To learn how to develop your executive presence and gravitas. And ignite others around your purpose, do give us a ring. We develop bespoke courses for individuals or groups. Find out more here.


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