Millennial Magic

I live with two ‘generation Y’ males – often known as the Me generation or Millennials’. They are just entering the world of work and I have to say I’m impressed. They seem to have tremendous perspective on what’s important and what’s not. They are incredibly savvy. They see the work habits of previous generations as really quite barking mad. Personally, I have a sneaking feeling they are right.

Yet we also know that many ‘gen Y’ers, born in the 80s and 90s, are still the source of huge consternation and angst in the world of work. Their slightly older managers bewail their desire to take responsibility or to do their ‘time’ before promotion and worry about how quickly they move on to other jobs.

I hate to generalise and much has been written about how to inspire them. But in my view not enough consideration is given to their lack of inner confidence (despite appearances), nor their dependence on external factors for success rather than their own internal strength.

These few tips will help you have conversations designed to develop greater genuine confidence so they can grow at work:

  • Help them create an exciting vision and personal objectives – they need to draw it or write it down
  • Talk about their strengths today
  • Be clear about their future potential
  • Anticipate a struggle with work’s realities and create a support structure
  • Provide clarity and firmness around work, behaviour and experience required for them to get their promotion
  • Provide short-term milestones they can meet easily

If you or your team would like to learn practical approaches to ignite millennials around your purpose, do give us a ring. We develop bespoke coaching and training programmes around your own situation.

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