Get Over Yourself #2

I bet you know how you would like to communicate at work. With confidence, credibility and connection you say. You know what it looks like. You may even have learned to fake it, but your nagging doubts still undermine your ability to be your very best you.

This week’s self coaching tip helps you ‘unstick’ your thinking about yourself and opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Find a quiet place, take your time and ask yourself these questions, make notes as you go. Don’t filter your answers; just write what comes to mind.

  1. What is your goal? E.g. “To talk to important customers with confidence”.
  2. What assumptions are you making that stop you “talking to customers with confidence”? E.g. “I’m not clever enough” (write them all down and choose one to work on). Ask yourself the question 3 times and see what else emerges.
  3. What would be your positive opposite of “I’m not clever enough”? E.g. “I’m really knowledgeable about this problem” (write it down carefully).
  4. Now reframe the question using these precise words and link it to your goal. E.g. “If you knew you were really knowledgeable about this problem what would you do to talk to important customers with confidence?” (keep writing).
  5. What could be a first next step? (write it down).

We coach leaders to change how they communicate to deliver your organisation’s purpose. Self confidence and belief is central to great two way communication. It lies at the heart of our methodology.
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Have a look at the book ‘Time to Think’ by Nancy Kline for more ideas on unblocking your thinking.

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