Where is Your Inner Mojo?

When you are ‘flat out busy’ it’s easy to forget that what you do is important. And you are important.

If you sell cancer drugs you are saving lives. If you promote crisps you are making people happy.  If you work in legal and regulatory you are keeping your colleagues and patients safe.

Your presentation audience will listen and connect if they know you are driven by a strong motivation. If it’s all routine to you, why should they listen?

To find this inner mojo, step back on a regular basis and ask yourself two questions

1. What do I really do?


2. What does that mean?

Then repeat the questions until you reach something that inspires you.

For example this morning we worked with a leader in legal and regulatory. His first answer was, “I make sure that our work is accurate and legal”.  But when he dug deeper, he could see the bigger importance of what he does.

This mind-set automatically enabled him to deliver his presentation with more impact. We could feel his intensity.  Then the pauses, the eye contact and his call to action to his team all had more power.

Our presentation courses are evidence based and 80% physical practice. We blend brain science, positive psychology and advanced communications skills to help leaders become exceptional communicators.  You can work with us one to one or in groups.
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