Magic Can Be Taught

“If you want to enthral an audience, go where the magic is happening. The black church preachers, the rappers, the barber shops know exactly how to reignite imagination.”

That’s the message from Christopher Emdin, science advocate, at a Ted Talk. He’s encouraging teachers to bring back the wonder to teaching and his ideas are useful for business presenters too.

See how the church preacher asks for an ‘Amen’ when the congregation starts to drift. What’s your business version of that?  Listen to the metaphors of rappers.  What could you emulate?  How about the story telling skills of a favourite barber?

Have a look at Christopher’s own authentic and different presentation style. You can hear how he’s using repetition like a preacher to make a point.  Feel the passion in his voice.  Look at the stillness of his body language and eventually, the animation of his hands when he relaxes.

Above all his style is clear, fresh and different. Magic can be taught.  You can present magically.

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Watch Christopher Emdin’s Ted talk ‘Teach Teachers How to Create Magic’ below.

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