What Should I do with My Hands?

Remember the Faulty Towers sketch “Don’t Mention the War”. Well that’s how I feel about even mentioning the words hands and presentations in the same sentence. The more you think about them the worse it can get. But it is a question that comes up in 95% of our training sessions.

So, if you are feeling very self conscious about your hands when you present, there are some techniques which will help you look confident and open.

  • Do what comes naturally to you when you’re at your relaxed best. Presentations are just a conversation.
  • Remember it is all about generosity – sharing your enthusiasm and energy with the audience.
  • Ignore people who talk about ‘windmill arms’. We rarely see anyone who gesticulates too much.
  • Use your hands to match the story you are telling and to make it really interesting. Start to be aware of how you naturally do this when you are talking with friends.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, just concentrate on keeping your hands up in front of you and open. Even if you make small gestures it will be better than locking your arms by your sides or closing your arms across your body.
  • Find a holding position for when you start or are waiting for questions. Place your hands with a few fingers lightly touching together in front of your tummy button – this works as long as they are not tense. Hands dropped by your side are good or even put your hands behind your back if you are desperate.  Just stay open and relaxed.

Our presentation courses are evidence based and 80% physical practice. We blend brain science, positive psychology and advanced communications skills to help leaders become exceptional communicators.  You can work with us one to one or in groups.
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