What Gives You Away?

Remember the baddie in Casino Royale playing poker with James Bond? Bond thought that his blood tears were his ‘tell’ – the giveaway sign that he had a bad hand and was uncomfortable.

When you present, it’s valuable to know what you do when you are uncomfortable. We call this ‘managing your tell’.

Some people smile too much, others close up their body language or step backwards, a few get aggressive. What’s your own tell?  We all do something different and weird.

Humans are excellent at knowing when something isn’t quite right and can interpret your ‘tell’ as insecurity, lack of conviction or simply that they’ve hit a raw nerve in the negotiations.

When we coach groups, we help you find your own ‘tell’ by simulating your personal high pressure situation. You’ll be surprised by what you find.  You describe your own scenario, walk through the door into the meeting, start to speak and take tough questions from colleagues.  I can guarantee your ‘tell’ will emerge in just two minutes.

Once you have this valuable knowledge you can manage it and stay relaxed under pressure.

You can try this yourself but do practice with colleagues you know and trust and don’t get too personal!

Come on one of our Presence courses to learn to ‘manage your tell’ and maintain your presence and authority during Q&A, meetings and presentations. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more.

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