Airbnb Co-Founder Gives Wow Presentation

Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb, gives the best presentation I’ve seen all year. While you’re enjoying it, you can notice and steal many of his presentation techniques. It’s just perfect. Watch Joe’s Ted talk here.

He bet his whole company on the belief that people can trust each other enough to stay in one another’s homes. How did he overcome the stranger-danger bias? Through good design.

It’s really worth a watch. We’ve forensically dissected why this presentation works for clients attending our Presentation Courses. Notice how he:

  1. Opens with a great story – thinking he might be kidnapped in the boot of a car by his first B&B client. Great, because he’s addressed the key emotional fear around sharing your home with a stranger and he’s used a compelling visual plus humour.
  2. It leads nicely into telling us how Airbnb overcame these trust issues – so he gives us an answer to the problem and tells the Airbnb story from an interesting point of view.
  3. He uses humour, then becomes very serious, then comes back to humour. He asks rhetorical questions and he changes pace perfectly. It all keeps us listening.
  4. When he asks the audience to swap phones he creates a physical connection with the emotions of trust and ramps up the attention and engagement of the audience. The audience loved it.
  5. We can see from his sparkling eyes and his strong body language how passionate he is about what he does. It’s real and authentic.
  6. He gives us hard evidence from Stanford on building trust – which tells us something new and builds real credibility.
  7. He’s not afraid to talk about when it went wrong and how much pain that caused him – this builds credibility as it’s what we’re all worried about.
  8. He gives us the ‘mother’ of all good testimonial stories towards the end about a guest who had a heart attack and was cared for by his host. Memorable and touching.
  9. He ends on his inspiring world vision for us to remember and be a talking point. Gebbia sets out his dream for a culture of sharing in which design helps foster community and connection instead of isolation and separation.

Clever stuff. I’m off to book another Airbnb!

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