Do You Laugh At Work?

Image sourced from Yahoo Inc at Flickr and cropped for use.

I thought I’d share this clever Coldplay music video with you today – we all need a bit of fun at work sometimes. Click here to watch – enjoy!

If teams in your organisation are often heard laughing, be pleased. It’s a strong indicator of high performance.


Because first, it means that there is a low level of fear. Fearful people not only don’t laugh, but they don’t collaborate well either, with less sharing, co-creation, passing on of information or willingness to back each other up. Second, a study found that individuals having fun at work were more likely to be engaged in their work. Engagement and high performance are strongly linked.

Extracts taken from Energise, the KineticFuture course for leadership development.  It shows leaders how to energise themselves and energise others to achieve their goals.


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