It’s the Way I Tell ‘Em

Frank Carson’s great catch phrase ‘It’s the way I tell ‘em’ is true. Like all great comedians he knew that the magic lies in how you deliver the material.

Go to a few local comedy stand up gigs. It’s easier to see what works and what doesn’t as they learn their craft. In particular, notice how they use pauses, pace, how they construct the story and really talk to the audience.

As a presenter, it will show you many of the techniques to tell your story well even if you are not using humour.

As a start consider how you use the simple pause and pitch.

  • Pause before you start to speak.  Look around and make eye contact with the audience.  Are they listening now?  A comedian can make you laugh before they’ve even started.  You can use it to demonstrate your relaxed confidence.
  • Decide where you pause in your material – audiences likes pauses. It gives the audience time to think and it signals that you value their opinion.
  • If volume is a challenge – focus on energy in your voice and releasing energy instead. See what happens!

And finally, dump the word ‘presenting’. What you are doing is having an interesting conversation!

You can be an exceptional communicator.  It’s absolutely possible.  Find out more about our presentations, personal presence and gravitas course here.

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