Manage Your Presentation Nerves – The Big Checklist

Think of Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic. One of his key strategies is how he manages his mind so he can perform under pressure.

Now neuroscientists have come up with an evidence based approach to bust our nerves and fears – for presentations and other situations too. We’ve created a system for you in this Big Checklist.

Here are the highlights:

Before an emotion kicks in

  1. Get briefed – certainty calms the brain
  2. Face the fear – understand your personal ‘hot spots’
  3. Use brain training – it helps improve focus
  4. Change your physicality – open confident poses will reduce your cortisol stress levels

After an emotion kicks in

  1. Don’t ignore it – suppressing doesn’t work
  2. Label it – just with one or two words. This dampens down the automatic limbic system
  3. Flip it – find another way of looking at it. Reappraisal is good for heavier emotional loads.

You can be an exceptional communicator.  It’s absolutely possible.  Find out more about our presentations, personal presence and gravitas course here.

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