Quieten Your ‘Fizzy Brain’

Do you find yourself lying in the bath or in bed with thoughts about work still whizzing through your brain?  It can be exhausting and is not productive.

Mindfulness, or some call it attention training, is one technique which seems to make a huge difference to many of our clients.  We recommend www.headspace.com.  You can download the app and have ten sessions free.

It works by teaching you to focus.  The focus then quietens the brain.  All you need is ten minutes a day, a chair and a quiet space.  After just 8 weeks it’s possible to see changes in the brain through an fMRI scanner.

Athletes use mindfulness training pre, during and post big matches to help them stay in a ‘flow’ state so they can play their best game.  It helps all of us make better decisions by being able to calm our emotions and reduce stress.  There have been many clinical studies proving its value.  Have a look at the Health Enhancement Program (HEP) at Monash University to see how they use it to prevent medical students from burning out during exam time.

You can find out how to use mindfulness and other positive leadership practices to improve your performance and well being on our Positive Leadership. Peak Performance courseContact us to find out more.

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