Melissa Marshall: Talk Nerdy to Me

If you ever have to present on complex topics that could be a bit ‘nerdy’, this entertaining and enlightening 4 minute video is a must watch.  I know everyone is busy right now so I’m going to keep this inspiration simple, just like Melissa’s message on presenting.

Melissa’s Top Tips for Presenting ‘Nerdy’ Content

  1. People are really interested in technical subjects but you’ve got to tell me what it means to me, early on
  2. Try and keep your message simple and beware of jargon and terminology that I may not understand
  3. When using slides, too many bullet points can confuse me and stop me from really listening to what you are saying
  4. Much better to have a single summary sentence and great visuals that you can talk about
  5. Use examples, stories, analogies to explain your message to me and don’t forget to be passionate about your subject!

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