Surviving ‘One of Those Days’

When we ask people on our courses how they stay resilient under pressure there’s lots of laughter and talk about glasses of wine, shopping and telly.

But the research into resilience tells a different story of what really works.  These techniques are used even by the USA army on their Master Resilience Training Course.  Here are four fast ideas to make a difference today that have great evidence behind them.

  1. Write a What Went Well Diary tonight (WWW) – write down anything positive, large or small, that happened today at home or at work
  2. Show someone else some kindness, appreciation or forgiveness
  3. Talk to a friend but focus on finding a solution, getting things into perspective and having a laugh.  Don’t dwell on the problem – it makes things worse
  4. Flip it!  How else can you see this situation?  Find the upside and the opportunity in that problem.

And yes there is a common theme here.  They all generate positive emotions which allows you to think clearly, be more productive and bounce back faster from the tough stuff.

You can learn more about how to apply resilience strategies to relationships, customer meetings and presentations on our Advanced Leadership Communications Programme.  It will help you lead yourself and lead others well. Contact us to find out more.

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