Wooden to Wow

There are a lot of reasons why you might be wooden when you present. Here are some practical tips to help you start talking normally and be able to present with impact and confidence.

When you’re rehearsing, try any or all of these to free yourself up as you do each ‘take’.

  • Talk in a different accent (then go back to normal!)
  • Tell it as a story to a child
  • Tell it in a voice of pouring chocolate
  • Live the story, don’t think about it
  • Take breaths when you need to, don’t wait
  • Tell it as though you are José Mourinho and you are winning and then losing at half time
  • Stop trying to remember your words; just talk as if you’re in the pub with a friend

What are your favourite rehearsal tips to get into a good relaxed flow?

Adapted from KineticFuture’s Advanced Programme contact us to find out more.

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