Build Morale For Tough Times

In tough times, keeping up team morale is really important. Being an ‘energiser leader’ when you present or in meetings is a powerful way of doing this.

It’s not about pretending everything is brilliant; it’s about making sure people leave you feeling more energised than when they came in.

Here are ten attributes of ‘positive energisers’. Use these principles in your presentations and cultivate them every day. You will increase your positive energy quotient, which is strongly linked to high performance and organisational success. You’ll boost your own morale too!

How do you rate on these?
1.Help others flourish
2.Be trustworthy and have integrity
3.Be dependable
4.Use abundance language (things that are going well; strengths)
5.Notice what’s going on and be fully engaged
6.Be genuine and authentic
7.See opportunities
8.Solve problems
10.Express gratitude and humility

Would you like more positive energy in your organisation or in your presentations? Ask us how.

Source: Professor Kim Cameron, Practicing Positive Leadership, 2013.

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