Are You an Energiser or a De-Energiser?

If you can find a way to leverage positive energy then you’ll increase team performance by a factor of 4. This is according to research by Dr Kim Cameron, organizational development expert.  Watch his video on the subject here.

His way of measuring this is simple.  When ‘Jane’ comes out of a meeting with her boss does she feel energised or de-energised?

So, would you say you personally are an energiser or a de-energiser?

The acid test is to ask the question thinking of people you find harder to work with.  How do they feel when they come out of a meeting with you or attend one of your presentations?  How about your leaders or management team generally?

There is a strong evidence base from neuroscience and positive psychology in the workplace that positive leadership, which energises people, delivers improved financial performance.

You can map your prime energisers by completing a survey and then coach people to become better energisers even with people they struggle with.

KineticFuture has identified “7 Super Behaviours” based around the research. We show you practical approaches to solve your own real business challenges today and give you a foundation for things you’ll come across in future.  It lies within our “Positive Leadership. Peak Performance” consultancy and courses.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about this field and how it could help you.

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